A tasty way to protecting your heart

Total heart protection in 1 spoon a day

Purest Omega-3 fatty acids +
essential minerals

At the heart of protecting and preserving cardiovascular health is our purest Omega-3, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) only from fish caught in the wild. One gram of Omega-3 (40% EPA, 50% DHA, 10% other fatty acids) per table spoon. Additionally, each table spoon has daily recommended servings of Niacimanide (Vit. B-3); Vitamin D-3 and Folic Acid.

It’s Tasty! – We make health taste good

  • Smoothie taste and texture
  • One table-spoon per day preserves and protects cardiovascular system
  • Patented technology of emulsification enhances bio-availability and amplifies absorption of Omega 3 nutrients

PMEDS’ Fish Oil supply comes from deep ocean waters. State-of- the art purification processes are used to remove mercury to ensure purity levels below 0.01ppm.

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